Program Mini-Grants

To continue building sustainable change that supports adoption of open education resources in place of costly commercial textbooks, successful grantees will use grant funds to fund part of the open education plan that they created as part of LOEL funding during year one of the grant.

Each program mini-grant is $1,500.

In order to accept funds for program mini-grants, LOEL Year 1 planning grant participants need to confirm participation by signing the Interagency agreement.

Deliverables include:

  • March 2016: Concept Map or slide-show and analysis of OE at the Institution: Before and After.
  • March 2016: Interview an Administrator on Open Education and how the library affected OE adoption at your institution.
  • June 2016: Executive Summary of Yearly Activities to meet strategic plan goals.
  • June 2016: OE Impact Summary (worksheet from the grant packet).

Accepting Funds

Please notify Quill West ([email protected]) by January 15, if your library successfully completed the year one planning mini-grant deliverables, and if you would like to participate in the program mini-grant.

In order for you to begin work, please fill out the Interagency Agreement (IGA) for Program Mini-Grant and return to Anh Tran at Tacoma Community College by January 30, 2016. Please note, the IGA must be signed for each specific mini-grant that your college accepts.

Signed and scanned documents can be emailed to Anh Tran ([email protected]). Alternatively applications can be mailed to: Tacoma Community College; Attn: Anh Tran, Building 7; 6501 South 19th Street; Tacoma, WA 98466.